Intermediate Practitioners course

Pre-course Knowledge:

You should have some previous knowledge of Strategic Export Controls and reviewed the Consolidated Control List (free download) before attending this course.


A more detailed look at the different elements of controls, the licenceassessment process and the actions you need to take to remain compliant.

The day will comprise a series of presentations and exercises, including:

  • Control Lists that affect the UK:
    • International Regimes and the Consolidated Control List
    • What does ‘Specially Designed or Modified for Military Use’ mean?
    • How to read ‘Dual Use’textand make an assessment.
  • Technology
    • Export Control definition of the term “technology”
    • How a company can determine if their technology is licensable and where the technology controls can be found
    • Different means of technology transfer
    • Compliance and record-keeping related to technology
  • Trade –the range of trade controls, including trafficking and brokering of goods and specified activities controls.
  • End-Use Controls –Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD catch-all) and military end-use controls.
  • Licence types and the licensing process
    • different types of licence
    • common pitfalls when completing a licence application
    • how decisions are made when issuing or refusing a licence
    • End User UndertakingWorkshop.
  • Compliance
    • why you will receive a compliance visit and what to expect.
  • Concluding remarks including staff training
    • ideas for staff training, and why it is so important
    • why things go wrong and the consequences


We recommend youreview the Learning Path and think carefully about what you need to achieve from thesecourses, before deciding which level suits you best.

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