Applying for a UK Export Licence? You need to specify GB or NI

We have previously highlighted the new UK licences that have been available since the end of the transition period and which you may need to use for exporting goods, technology and software.

The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) of the UK’s Department for International Trade published Notice to Exporters (NTE) 2020/19: EU transition and SPIRE, on 11 December 2020.

Part 2 of the Notice explains that because of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which forms part of the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU, the rules that apply to controlled exports from the UK depend on whether the items are exported from or to locations in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

The ECJU therefore needs you to specify further information relating to the locations of items, third parties, “ultimate End Users” and recipients (consignees or End Users).  Where stated on your application form that the location is the UK, you need to state if the location is either Northern Ireland or Great Britain.

The ECJU asks you to provide this information within SPIRE – the UK’s online export licensing system – via Supplementary Information, and to email your case officer once this has been done. In providing this information you give permission for ECJU to update your application on your behalf.

They warn that if you do not take this action when applying they will have to write to you separately and this might cause delays processing your application.