Government updates guidance on military and dual-use technology: ‘essential reading’

The government has today (18 March) issued consolidated guidance on rules for exporting military and dual-use technology around the world.

The guidance has been published by the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU), which administers the UK’s system of export controls and licensing for military and dual-use items.

Roger Arthey, chair of the Export Control Profession Board at the Institute of Export & International Trade, welcomed the ECJU’s document and called it “essential reading”.

He said: “Previously this guidance was found in different formats in a variety of locations but has now been pulled together into one document for ease of use by all businesses that export controlled technology.”

The ECJU’s document titled Exporting military or dual-use technology: definitions and scope is wide-ranging on issues around exporting controlled technology and how export controls apply.

Replacing previously published guidance, the document covers:

  • Regulations around transferring military or dual-use technology
  • Technology transfers including:

    • cloud storage and routing
    • transfers by phone, video-conferencing, email and mobile devices
    • transfers within multinational companies
    • employee access to technology when overseas
  • Technology control exceptions in the Export Control Order 2008
  • Licences to use for controlled technology transfer
  • UK and EU technology legislation definitions

Among the document’s useful features, Arthey said, is a list of definitions including a section on information in the public domain and case studies illustrating how the regulations apply in practice.

“I recommend all export control staff to read this document carefully and ensure they have systems and arrangements in place to ensure compliance with the guidance,” Arthey said.

Membership of the Export Control Profession group gives access to further guidance via the IOE&IT’s technical helpline