Government updates guidance on military and dual-use technology: ‘essential reading’

Why UK firms should pay attention to China’s new export control regulation

china export control law

Written by Arne Mielken, board member of the IOE&IT Export Control Profession Over the Christmas break the Chinese government unveiled a revised draft of their new ‘Export Control Law’ (ECL) during the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC). This reform did not make the news in Britain and has not even been a major talking point…

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White House tightens screw on Huawei and potential implications for UK exporters

huawei export control

Tightening US export controls, designed to limit Chinese tech giant Huawei’s penetration into western markets, could reshape global tech supply chains, according to industry analysts. Last year the US blacklisted Huawei, preventing US exporters from directly selling to them without a licence. The US is trying to control Huawei as the Chinese firm attempts to…

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